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Are you a young entrepreneur with a dream of owning an internet radio station? Have you searched for information about how to go about opening a radio station online and found none? If you are passionate to succeed in starting an internet radio online, then look no further than here. This article will offer you step by step guide on how you can be able to establish your own internet radio business successively.

The first step involves registering to a radio server. After signing up to a server the next step involves selecting the type of streaming that you want to use. There are two types of streaming you can choose from either shoutcast or icecast servers respectively. The choice of the kind of stream to use may be influenced largely by your needs for the station. The next step is where you choose the birate system to be used and this will greatly affect the quality of your streams. If you opt to offer live streaming hen you must choose your encoding software carefully which will allow quick data transfer.



This may be the most surprising question that rings in the mind of any beginner in internet radio business. The radio broadcasts specifically to certain audience of your choice. The only tool that is required to get started is only a personal computer plus an internet connection. There are three software’s that are mostly commonly used .The encoding software allows the computer to send sound signals to the owner servers via the internet. The software compresses the sound signal in to a format that can allow it to be streamed easily. The software of the radio server broadcasts the sound signal via internet allowing listeners worldwide to tune in with the help of the links provided. The bandwidth of the radio server must be large enough to cater for the increasing number of listeners. The radio can play on all types of standalone players like windows player, VLC or flash player.



After setting all the soft wares and all other set ups and you are sure that your radio is good to go, the next step will be to put your efforts together and search for listeners. This can be a very daunting task bearing in mind there are countless such internet radio stations in the world. Social media will a great starting point to market your new radio station. You can actually create a fan page on face book to encourage your friends to stay tuned to your new radio station. The most important factor in setting up a internet radio is to entertain and educate your audience and thus you should focus on them.




The Ten Most Talked Radio Talk Shows


For several decades, radio has been successful in delivering information to the society. This has been the most influential medium that reaches each corner of the localities whenever the topic is about celebrity gossips, politics and latest news about almost everything. Today, the evolution of radio programs never stops and it is becoming more exciting as it gets older.

The Bobby Bones Show

This show is based in Nashville, Tennessee and is anchored by four veteran radio personalities. It became famous because of the comedy delivered by the anchors while they are conducting interview to the famous country stars.


The Breakfast Club

This show is aired in Power 105 FM anchored by three famous radio personalities Dj Envy, Angela Yee and charlamagne Tha God. The show is a combination of interviews of the celebrities, giving advice and also providing acceptable commentaries to the latest news that is the talk of the town.


The Glenn Beck Radio Program

This program is anchored by Glenn Beck which features topics related to politics. This show most often is criticizing the Democratic Party.

On Air with Ryan Seacrest

This top radio talk show based in Los Angeles, California is famous around the world because of the feature stories that it discuss. Anchored by Ryan Seacrest, this show also involved the latest news stories including what is hot in the celebrity issues.


The Howard Stern Show

This show is a mix of green jokes and latest news stories which includes politics and celebrity issues. Aired daily in Sirius XM Radio, Howard Stern anchored this top rated radio talk show that has a nerve in asking personal questions to the celebrity guests including scandals encountered by them.


Morning Edition

This top rated and most honoured top radio talk show that runs for over thirty years is anchored by two excellent radio personalities namely David Green and Renee Montagne. The program discusses issues related to the news stories from politics, business, current events and some other sensible stories that affect the society.


The Sean Hannity Show

Anchored by Sean Hannity who is also connected to a famous TV network, this show was very famous because of the topics it brought in to the radio. The listeners’ interaction through a debate via telephone that discusses their opinions about the current issues was loved by millions of fans over the world where the airwaves can reach.


The Rush Limbaugh Show

Because of the very aggressive comments provided by the anchor Rush Limbaugh, this radio talk show leads the ratings in the nation. The show features the debate with listeners and guests relating to issues about politics.


Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

An exclusive interview with the Hollywood stars accompanied with sensitive humour is the specialty of the program. The anchor’s prank calls to his family and friends garnered attraction from the listeners.


The Dave Ramsey Show

This formal radio talk show that discuss about finances in a very interactive way gained its fame in the world of radio broadcasting. This show is giving advices to the listeners on how to be free of the debts.



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